How to Plan the Perfect Family BBQ

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Summer has finally arrived- grab a cold one and fire up the grill! It’s a time for enjoying the freedom of leisure time and making great memories with family. Of course, with family comes taking advantages of the outdoors and cooking out! Here’s 5 tips to help you have the perfect family BBQ!

1. Landscaping

Let’s be honest, we want to impress our families with how well we take care of our yards. Get out the mower and grab the weed whip, because you’re going to want to trim, cut, and clean up all corners of the yard.

2.  Don’t Be Shy with Food 

Food is great- no need to have people worried they are not going to get enough or that they are going to take too much! A good indicator for how much to make is to figure out how many people will be attending and then, make sure that you have enough food to feed 1½ people. This will give your guests the option to have seconds!

3.  Healthy Options

Nothing is worse than having guests over for a BBQ only to later find out that there are no options available for them that fit their diet. Great alternatives is to have grilled chicken and turkey burgers as well with your hamburgers, ribs, or steaks so you don’t irritate the big meat lovers meals! Also, load up on fruit and salad because these also support healthy eaters and vegetarians.

4.  Prepare for Nature

It can be incredibly frustrating to get an entire BBQ set up, only to be interrupted by the elements. You plan for the event, relatives sometimes travel for the occasion, so be sure to make alternative plans in case the weather does not cooperate. Have space reserved for the garage and seating inside your home prepared just in case. Also, have bug spray and sunscreen available at all time.

5. Go Above and Beyond

Don’t make it your typical outdoor BBQ… make it something to remember! Have fun outdoor games set up for children and adults, give the party a theme, and get a bonfire ready for after the meal. (Don’t forget ingredients for s’mores!) All these ideas are great to help your evening to be one to remember!

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